Magcon ||Completed||

Magcon ||Completed||

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Em✌ By Viner_Boys Completed


Not exactly the most amazing thing for Emily to go to, but her friends on the other hand love Magcon. Chloe, Jess, and Emily stay at her cousin's house (which is basically like a mansion, I may add) and it is next to the hotel the boys are staying at. Emily isn't as thrilled, but once meeting one of the guys, she feels an immediate connection. 

Then comes the rest of the boys. Some of them have a thing for her, but not all. And the ones that do are willing to do anything to be with her. 

~I hope you guys enjoy this story! It is filled with drama ( a lot ), romance, humor, backstabbing friends, and betryal. So yeah, ENJOY!~

© 2013 by Viner_Boys

When it's 2016!!! 😨 I'm so sad that the REAL  MAGCON ended
ok but can i say the cover video kills me its so cute and perfect
I would be crying along and saying"I miss them" too if  I was able to watch the video! It said "Please sign in to view this video"
Robin3_Star Robin3_Star Jul 05
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-jolinsky- -jolinsky- Apr 24
I read this months ago and I was watching wattpad trailers on YouTube and came across this :)
ara_dallas ara_dallas Jul 03
ONG I just watched the video and it was so Perfect and Beautiful 😘💞