My Life As An Escort ~ Book 2  New Beginnings  (Completed)✅

My Life As An Escort ~ Book 2 New Beginnings (Completed)✅

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This is Book 2 of My Life As An Escort. I recommend reading Book 1 first before jumping into this story so you won't be confused.Cadence has now been an escort for over a year. During the past year she has fallen in love, gotten her heart broken twice but still managed to find a man who loves her more than life itself, Evan McCain. He was a client but now they are engaged and Cadence is pregnant. He is willing to accept the baby even if it's not his to prove to Cadence he is the guy for her.

Lurking in the background is Jacob Moore, the man she has an undeniable attraction to and slept with  a few days before Evan proposed to Cadence. He admitted he loved her but it was to late, she had accepted Evan's proposal. Cadence is determined to make the relationship between her and Evan work, but unseen forces are at work as not everyone is excited by the engagement. Cadence is also in a dilemma when the biggest shocker of her life is revealed. Tragedy will strike and lives will be changed forever in this story. 

Questions will be answered, sex will get hotter and dirtier, relationships will be broken, bonds formed and death will shock the characters to the core. If you thought Book 1 was good, wait until you read Book 2. I promise you will not be disappointed. Book will contain sexual scenes that may not be appropriate for people under eighteen. Read at your own risk, just make sure you have a tall glass of water and maybe a nice glass of wine and enjoy- Book 2 - My Life As An Escort (New Beginnings)

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lenia100 lenia100 Dec 08, 2017
This story was amazing from start to finish...another winner!!🙌🙌🙌
tlee98 tlee98 Sep 11, 2017
How do you get access to private chapters? I have tried but I can't seem to figure it out. I am following but it doesn't work? I need chapter 50 in book 1 .
Ciaramh04 Ciaramh04 May 02, 2014
This story has me HOOKED I can't put it down. Girl I get about 3 hours of sleep before I have to go to work. I hope all your books are this good as well. Well done my friend well done
fluffchuker fluffchuker Feb 12, 2014
Apparently coming in a little late to read your story, but I'm glad I found it. It's a truly remarkable story and I've really enjoyed it Thankyou;-) Now on to the rest of the story!!!