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The Duplicate

The Duplicate

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S N I C K E R By snickersneebee Updated Apr 08

Duplicates are used for one thing: spare parts. Kept in Emulation Facilities, brain-dead and hooked to machines, duplicates never open their eyes. No duplicate lives. As a transplant nurse, Evette Ashford knows this better than anyone.

Until a living, breathing duplicate shatters her life.

He changes everything. Merely knowing he exists drags Evette into a deep, dark world of manipulation, danger, and control. His mission: find himself. But the powers that be are furious. And Evette must decide who to trust, the monster who forced her into this chaos or the monster who created him.
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IC Universe People's Choice 2017 
1 st Place Writers' Olympics Dystopian Award 
1 st Place Oscar Sci-fi Award 

❝Such. A. Good. Book.❞ @hotdogawards
❝This is the best book on Wattpad!❞ @RavenApplewood
❝I can't even count how many times this book has made me laugh or smile. Or feel dread and suspense. Addicting.❞ @JudahAppel
❝You are a master of the Queen's language. This is easily my favorite Sci-Fi book yet!❞ @theladygaia

cover by @Rentachi
PG-13 for violence, language, and sexual content.

  • action
  • assassin
  • clone
  • conspiracy
  • dark
  • duplicate
  • dystopian
  • furturistic
  • genetics
  • government
  • hacker
  • kidnapped
  • mystery
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