The Duplicate

The Duplicate

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S N I C K E R By snickersneebee Updated Dec 02, 2015

As a transplant nurse, Evette helps save lives. She knows better than anyone duplicates are used for one thing: spare parts. Kept in Emulation Facilities, brain-dead and hooked to machines, duplicates don't hear, see, or feel. No duplicate lives. Everyone knows that.
But that's a lie. 
In seconds, his chaotic world comes crashing down on Evette. He changes everything. Nothing like the brain-dead duplicates she is used to seeing on the operating table, he's impossibly alive, incredibly dangerous. And she was never meant to know he exists. 
.  S C I - F I  .  A C T I O N  .  R O M A N C E  .

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 Cover Art by @CrysCarter

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sbrobinson sbrobinson Jul 31
Great first chapter! Love the cliffhanger at the end too. 😉❤️ also extra props on the premise. Love the unique storyline.
squirrelg squirrelg Sep 03
Ooh ok so she's part of a complex conspiracy all of a sudden? I do like Dan hahaha
squirrelg squirrelg Sep 03
She's so nice, touching her patients. If I was a nurse I'd be avoiding contact wherever I can XD
Ooo cliffhanger. Good start. I haven't read sci fi in awhile. Let's see where this goes.
I'm just gonna reread this for the third time and try to remember to vote because I always forget XD
This is so me. I hold my breath when I walk in front of smokers 😂