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The Duplicate

The Duplicate

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Snicker Sneebee By snickersneebee Updated Dec 02, 2015

❝Stop and listen to me,❞ he hisses, shaking me once so my eyes lock on his. ❝They will not help you. They will kill you. Do you understand me?❞
                                                                                        Ѻ     Ѻ     Ѻ
      All duplicates are medical tools, housed in Emulation Facilities, kept hooked up to machines, used solely for organ transplants and blood transfusions. At least, that's what Evette thought, until she is kidnapped by one. 
      He is nothing like the brain dead duplicates she's used to seeing on the operating table. No, he is alive, cold, and deadly. He is something much more threatening. And she was never meant to know he exists. 
      ❝This is the best book on Wattpad!❞ @RavenApplewood
      ❝I can't even count how many times this book has made me laugh or smile. Or feel dread and suspense. Addicting.❞ @JudahAppel
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      Science Fiction. Action. Romance.
      ©2016 SnickerSneebee

IvySinnovan IvySinnovan Dec 06, 2016
Ooh I like this story! The genre isn't my type but still this seems really good. You're a really good writer.💕
causeitsoverrated causeitsoverrated Mar 05, 2016
I hereby claim these mine. I shall name them Xavier, Jay and Grayson
19upendi97 19upendi97 Oct 30, 2016
Oh my God! I love your characters, your plot, your writing! I so can't wait to see what happens next! xx
constellating constellating Jul 08, 2016
Nick_Dream Nick_Dream Nov 15, 2016
Love the references to IT. Great way of portraying how these "clones" are perceived in this society as just braindead spare parts. Beautifully done to set the tone
Nick_Dream Nick_Dream Nov 15, 2016
Fantastic writing right here! 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻🍻🔥🙄🤓