Blue Moon| Book 1 | An Avengers fan fiction series| *under editing*

Blue Moon| Book 1 | An Avengers fan fiction series| *under editing*

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Sierra Daniels By yourmybeautifulsoul Completed

Within twenty-four hours, thirteen year old Thea Fossil's life has been turned upside down. She arrives home late one night to find her astrophysicist mother dead, and she and her little sister are wounded by a mysterious poison from an unknown race of aliens called Imeldi. 

The next time she wakes up, she is in a SHIELD base, and is surrounded by a crowd of unusual characters that wary Thea has a hard time trusting, particularly when she has just been orphaned. There is Thor, the compassionate yet slightly intimidating Asgardian, but she considers him too eager to please. Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton both are too shadowy and curt for Thea to put her faith in. Tony Stark, she finds humorous, but at times self-centered and bossy. Dr. Banner, Thea admires, but his own dangerous secret is known to her. And Steve Rogers is far too upbeat for Thea's generally pessimistic liking. 

And then there is one other person. Someone with a tongue of wit, a personality of iron, and a mind as complicated as Gordian's Knot- just like Thea. Someone who knows how to soothe her fears just as quickly as he knows how to get under her skin. The person that is perhaps the most untrustworthy, but whom little Thea may begin to trust the most. Loki. 

But even if Thea can begin to trust, and to work as a team, the threat of the Imeldi is still potent and long-fingered. Thea must learn to control her new powers, her temper, and her hidden fire if she wants to survive this. Particularly because the Imeldi want two things. 

Global revenge. 
And Thea. 

RATED PG-13: For interval language (d*mn, as*, h*ll)  and violence.

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