When in Rome

When in Rome

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❝Oh, go away." I wave my hand.

"No can do, buttercup." He pops the 'p' and gives me a short shake of his head.

 "Buttercup?" My eyebrows furrow at the random nickname.

"Yes?" He bats his eyelashes.

"I wasn't calling you buttercup!❞


Adeline Preston may be a grade A student, but that doesn't mean she knows everything and she doesn't claim to. 

She does know that she loves her parents and their never-ending support, her best friend, Mia, is crazy in the best possible way, and volunteering has kept her from drowning in the drama that is high school. 

Now it's the last few weeks of summer before her senior year and Adeline also knows she has a ticket booked for a volunteer trip to Rome. 

What she doesn't know is that a few guys in her grade have decided to tag along and will have her not only questioning her sanity, but also why her heart seems to be skipping an extra beat for a boy whose eyes happen to be the brightest shade of green. 


❝Ade, Ade, Addie, Addie, Adeline!"

"Oh God.❞ I slap a hand over my face, but he only chuckles. 

See what happens with Adeline and Mason, When in Rome. 

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Alcpys Alcpys May 20, 2017
Wait, west?
                              Assuming she lives in America, won't that make Rome on the east?
holesinmyshirt holesinmyshirt Apr 27, 2017
AlexandriteCarter AlexandriteCarter May 15, 2017
Fun fact : there is a place called Rome in every country excluding the Poles
cuddlyncozy cuddlyncozy Jul 06, 2016
If theres one thing i hate is when people loop their hand through mine. I give you full permision to drag me around but please.......DON'T EVER LOOP YOUR ARM THROUGH MINE. *smiles*
hiral_2410 hiral_2410 Oct 03, 2014
I want to request something!! Can u please by any chance add a Mason's p.o.v in the epilogue.. I love reading it and am sure other readers too enjoy it.. Would be glad if you do!
hiral_2410 hiral_2410 Oct 02, 2014
I just started reading this book, but i already love it!! Its amazing... I can say the chapters ahead are going to b awsm!!