He's My Dork Prompts

He's My Dork Prompts

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Jen By promptingskenekidz Updated Feb 29, 2016

Prompt: Collie and Misha adopt a fish. Collie forgets to feed it, it dies, and he tries to hide it from Misha. 

Mystery-Person asked me to do this because I guess it sounded adorable XD



Misha ran into the apartment looking ecstatic.


Misha?" I asked, looking up at him from the couch. I had been lying down,

reading. Now, I stuck a bookmark in my book and set it down on the table.

                "Go in

the bedroom. I have a surprise," he said.


raised an eyebrow. "I just showered."


that kind of surprise!" He rolled his eyes. "Just go wait in the bedroom so I

can get this set up."


sighed and rolled off of the couch, dragging myself to the bedroom. I shut the

door and sat on our bed, propping my book up on my knees and proceeding to read


RottenPotatoe RottenPotatoe Jun 05, 2016
Yeah, that isn't always the case. Things need food to survive
Senpai-sama Senpai-sama Mar 02, 2015
I just finished the Changing Will prompts so it feels weird reading about competed different characters ...
maya_the_potato maya_the_potato Nov 20, 2014
Hopefully they don't forget to feed their kids like they did with the fish...
thefluffballofdoom thefluffballofdoom Jun 15, 2014
Asdgghjkl, so adorable! I giggled a bit too much while reading this v w v