Willowtree Academy school for the gifted

Willowtree Academy school for the gifted

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Willow tree Academy isn't like other schools, it is a school for the gifted where thousands of people from all around the world come to control their gifts. Teleporting, unhumane speed, strength, some can even control an element. The strongest are the ones who are able to do extraordinary things with their mind and the shape shifters. Ellie is not like the other, she was not born of gifted parents she was born from humans, but Ellie is able to do things no one can do. 

When Ellie is thrown into the world of supernaturals and magic she is targeted by many because of her gifts.

But as a darkness starts to spread across the school and many students are killed or taken Ellie will have to learn how to control her powers to save the entire race of the gifted. 

Sneak peaksssss

"Get away from me freak!", Ellie screamed backing away from the man who had just created a fireball. "Im no freak and neither are you", he replied not being offended by what she said. "Im nothing like you I DONT WANT TO BE ANYTHING LIKE YOU!", she screamed causing the glass mirror to shatter. 
"I'm not gifted"

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