For the Love of Sam and Eva

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Scarlet_Dawn By Scarlet_Dawn Updated 3 years ago
Eva doesn't know who she is. She hardly knows the difference between a crush and true love. Usually tied up with school, sports and friends, she is constantly juggling her life in her small clumsy hands. She is waiting for the day she discovers who she is, what she's here for and hopefully she'll make it out of year 12 alive. 
    But that's not exactly what the universe has in store for her.  
    One day, a quirky boy accidentally kicks a soccer ball to her face. 
    His name is Sam. 
    Just like that, the order of her life went out of whack.
    Unable to help herself, she soon finds she is falling in love with Sam one day at a time, and he's determined to be the best he can for them. Her life has a little spark now, and she doesn't know whether she likes it or not. 
    She discovers love is not what she originally thought it would be and it's more than give and take. When Sam is suddenly shrouded in mystery, like she never knew him at all, she knows she has to make a choice. 
    Is their love worth the fight or is it time to let go? 
    She knows what they say about high school romances. They never last forever.
I love sam already