Him And Her - An Undying Love Story

Him And Her - An Undying Love Story

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3 Guys 1 Girl . What's brewing?
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"We're together, Shanaya? Please tell me we're." He pleaded to me.

"Mannan, the apostrophe between we're faded away just like how your fickle mind got faded away with my thoughts and feelings. YOU CHEATED ON ME. Simran's proposal seemed more important to you. Sorry, Mannan. We were together. Can you please leave me alone?"


"Come on, Shanu baby. Give me a kiss. Come on." He brought his lips close to mine. He invaded my mouth and only muffled cries came out of me as he moaned in pleasure. 

Yes, this guy Harsh Saxena MAN HANDLED OR RATHER SEXUALLY ABUSED ME ever since my 10th grade and I couldn't do much about it.


"Oh and  you think it was appropriate for you to sleep with a girl who is completely drunk, Arnav?"

"Shanaya, I love you." His gaze was fixed and captivating. 

"But what about me? What about my feelings? You guys decided for yourself? You held back your feelings so that Mannan could date me and what did he do? He cheated on me. And now that you've confessed your feelings for me , what did you do? YOU SLEPT WITH ME WHEN I WAS DRUNK." I broke down completely. 

Read on to know how Shanaya deals with these THREE guys in her life.

Author's note
Hi, guys ! This is my first attempt to writing. I make sure that I always get my grammar right but if you find any mistakes or if you have any suggestions please feel free to contact me. This book might not meet up to your expectations but I would love it if you guys be generous in letting me know how I can improve. Also please do comment and vote in case you like the book. 
Thank you :)

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BrcknKyKy BrcknKyKy Apr 08, 2017
This took a legit turn to fast and why n how did he get time to do this? How does she refer to them as her friends so fast tho....but loving this book so far
Shanaya777 Shanaya777 Apr 22, 2017
Wow nyc start Dii it seems interesting diii..........N what an entry Dii collision with principal