Rejected By The Future Alpha *RE-EDITING*

Rejected By The Future Alpha *RE-EDITING*

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I suck at descriptions so here goes nothing,

Scar and her brother lost their parents when they were younger, her brother Sean had to become Beta as soon as his father had passed away, which is difficult for any eleven year old, no matter how much training you already have.

Jay, he and his sister also lost both of their parents at an early age. Jay had to become Alpha at age eleven, as did Sean, but since Alpha is a more serious role of the pack, his uncle took over the paper work and reported to Jay with any of the important stuff, like Rouges. 

Scar and Sean lost their parents a couple months after Jay and his sister Savannah lost their parents. Savannah and Scar had been best friend since birth, but while her parents had died, Scar still had her's, and she grew a terrible envy for her. Stealing everything Scar ever had or accomplished, starting for her brother, at least that's what she thought.

Anyway, back to the actual point of this description,

Scar and Jay discover that they're mates, something that neither of them saw coming, Scar was excited in finally knowing who her mate is and everything, but Jay thought differently. He thought that Scar was just a weak little girl because when her parents died she had to leave the pack house because she kept on getting nightmares, so he only thought of her as his best friends weak, little sister. Therefore rejecting her.

Not knowing what to do, Scar had left her pack, brother and mate. She ran until her feet couldn't carry her any further. She ran into a pack that would hold her future.

See what happens and how her new pack changes her future and how they hold it in their hands. See what happens when Scar has to go back to her pack, the one that she promised she would go one day, but that day came sooner than she thought.

Enjoy the story, this is my first ever story, although its edited, I am going to read through it and check spelling mistakes, because I have just read a chapter and I saw about ten mistakes.

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ImperfectlynPerfect ImperfectlynPerfect Jul 17, 2017
So first a slvt, then a biatch?
                              He sure is making the rounds, huh?
emdmidnight emdmidnight Aug 10, 2016
Why didnt she realize that he was her mate while they were in the car
green1000 green1000 Sep 01, 2016
Male Alpha's want bimbo sluts that slept with the whole school rather than virgins.
ariel1687 ariel1687 Dec 28, 2016
Was anyone else comfused, I thought that the title page was a piece of pepperoni pizza.
Unicorndemon69 Unicorndemon69 Jul 12, 2016
her brother is not helping the issue at all"i hate how she treats you"but yet he doesn't dump her