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Brooklyn was never meant for no white boy...              

Aaron Joshua Russo. A handsome young man from the beautiful country of Florence, Italy. Coming from a wealthy family and living a perfect prestigious life- Aaron's world comes crashing down when he's sent across the world into the witness protection program. Where he becomes AJ. The newest member to the Black Cobra gang nowhere else but one of the most ruthless places in the United States of America. Brooklyn, New York.                  

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jymack jymack Jan 15
who said all black girls did...? @My99centsoul ur doing the most.
Melr101 Melr101 Jan 25
Aye I live in Brooklyn wass gucci ? ☺️ also its really not that bad the crime rate is higher in staten Island and Manhattan
Ilikerainbowstars Ilikerainbowstars Nov 04, 2016
Ok why is the boy from the cover different from your video i like de one n the cover more
Melr101 Melr101 Jan 25
Im not calling her a hoe honestly i thought all the comments were going to be about the weave color choice and outfit because its really ratchet. Whelp
nadiacorrieri nadiacorrieri Oct 06, 2016
I have never known any Italian boy named "Aaron" or "Joshua". And I'm half Italian. They are not Italian names. Plus, Italians don't talk the way you portray him as. "bambina" is a baby girl, an infant, not how we say "baby girl", for example.
                              Do your research, or dont write at all..