Kingdom Come {END OF AN AGE -- BOOK 1}

Kingdom Come {END OF AN AGE -- BOOK 1}

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Alex By turnthepxge Updated Jul 01

For 13 years, magic has been outlawed. 
13 years ago, the prince of Requiea murdered his mother and uncle using magic, leaving his father, the King, with no choice but to take action. 

He had his own son executed and sorcery and magic of any kind outlawed. Any man or woman seen or rumored to be practicing it would be hung in a public execution. An example to those who would dare to practice the dark art. 


Present day: nothing has changed. Magic is still outlawed, and the King has yet to marry again. 

Maximillian Zion is a soldier--along with his best friend Ross Homes--and has been for two years, as the law commands. He's earned respect among the ranks and on the street. However, when mysterious stranger appears, bringing dangerous magic to the heart of the city, peace is threatened. Secrets are revealed and Max must learn that he can't trust anyone, not even himself.

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