My Mate, Her Lover

My Mate, Her Lover

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11LiveLaughLove26 By 11LiveLaughLove26 Updated Aug 02, 2014

(Formally My Mate is Lesbian) This is a werewolf love triangle unlike any other. It’s told from the pov of three young shifters in two opposing packs. Jade Green is the center of this triangle as hot she wolf that doesn’t conform to the traditional role of a dumb blonde teen. After her family was killed by rogues, her alpha takes her in to live with him and his family; only to have her fall in love with his youngest and only daughter Trish

Trish Redwood is not a typical she wolf either. Having three older brothers doesn’t allow you to grow up with Barbie’s and ponies. She is a tomboy all the way and doesn’t give a crap what anyone thinks about it including her father the alpha. She loves Jade and that’s all that matters to her. 

Jordan Hunter is next in line to lead the Hunter pack. Does that make him anymore responsible? No. he is the ultimate playboy and loves every minute of it. With his charm and good looks he has never had a problem getting the ladies. How will he take it when he realizes that even player wolves have mates? More importantly his mate is a lesbian?!

Find out what happens when all these young lives change forever over one simple word; mate. Hearts will be broken, trust lost, secrets revealed and true love will be put to test. Can these three survive this battle or succumb to it?

  • lesbian
  • love
  • mate
  • triangle
  • wolf
whatsupjoey whatsupjoey Mar 01, 2016
Hope you will give us more of the book I want to continue reading it
whatsupjoey whatsupjoey Mar 01, 2016
Hope you will give us more of the book I want to continue reading it
CocoanPeeps CocoanPeeps May 12, 2016
I like the story but the chapters are really long at least on my phone
whatevenisthepoint whatevenisthepoint Sep 01, 2015
it is a great story but hard to make sence of because it is reapeated itself and stops half way through sentences
Miss-NOT-Understood Miss-NOT-Understood Nov 29, 2014
Wow Jade looks like a Barbie yet she is natural and actually has a brain. This just makes things better! Woooo hell yeah!!!!!
Moonlight_Creature Moonlight_Creature Aug 02, 2014
Is it weird that I made a Sonic OC named Jade Green? I could never think of a good last name... I was thinking Jade Green or Jade Forest... Something like that but I've always loved the name Jade!!XP