The Prince of Pirates: A Robin Hood Retelling

The Prince of Pirates: A Robin Hood Retelling

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Sarah By Pennywithaney Updated Jan 17

- They said his destiny was to become a king; he chose to become a prince among pirates instead. -

Crown Prince Alexander never liked nobility. He didn't like the lies, the politics, or even the people he was surrounded by daily. He never wanted to be king. 

So when he takes his fate into his own hands and runs away, he never imagined the life ahead of him. 

After saving a sea witch and landing on the shores of an island nation ruled by a tyrannous king, Alexander disguises himself as the pirate Alex Anton, a pirate who steals from the rich and gives to the poor.

But his carefully constructed lies and way of life starts to crack as a stowaway becomes a part of his crew and he is tasked by the same king he hates to find a missing princess, the king's daughter. 

If he doesn't find her, he'll be killed for his actions against the king, but if he does find her, he might just find himself on the adventure of a lifetime. 

Between ancient sea magic, lost princesses, and disguises abound, Alex has his work cut out for him.

Cover made by the amazing @solidarity_
While this is connected to Glass Slippers and A Kind of Bravery, they don't need to be read in a specific order. If you want to read this first, you can. If you want to read those stories first, you can.

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