Moon's Journey (Moon X Lillie)

Moon's Journey (Moon X Lillie)

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Spidersaur By Spidersaur Updated Jun 12

The story of the precarious young girl from Kanto named Moon.

Though she may start off as a partly cynical and overly sadistic girl, Moon paints herself with a shade of confidence in the colorful region of Alola.

In her Alolan Journey, Moon inexplicably falls in love with the allure of the fragile fortitude of an equally young girl, Lillie. 

The chicken hat girl must fit into her role as a trainer of Alola and girlfriend by completing all the Island Trials and tending to the ice breaking Lillie.

Moon will make sure to fill every hilarious step of the way with thrilling moments. Whether she is travelling with her Pokémon, or her fellow companions, Moon will not disappoint.

A love story you may say? Well, you're in for quite a surprise!

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  -Story may contain mild language. Used only for essential dialogue connected to the character's personality or situation.
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