Damn.... She's my mate

Damn.... She's my mate

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Megan By Perks_Wallflower Updated Jul 02, 2014


Noelle. A beauty and the girl that got rejected by her mate. 

Ryan. A hot guy that never planned to have a mate. 

Two people crosses paths in high school and Ryan's the only one that feels the sparks between him and Noelle. 

Will Ryan get what he wants? Or will complications get in the way of true love?

khione25 khione25 Oct 09, 2016
My boyfriends name is Ryan and his little sister is Jacee, what a coincidence
Emo_Werewolf Emo_Werewolf Apr 10, 2016
Wait I thought she was a werewolf. Shouldn't she feel a pull towards Ryan?
girlchild3 girlchild3 Jun 20, 2016
You mean 13-4 cuz if she a senior now, five years ago would mean a 7th or 8th grader which is a 13 to 14. Not 16
AlexisAwesomesauce AlexisAwesomesauce Jan 15, 2015
And I think I wanna smash, I'm out now, speed up, gas pedal...
Perks_Wallflower Perks_Wallflower Jul 29, 2012
@Superchick91 loll as I explained, in my story, it's a little weird (: the age thing was a mistake (: I didn't notice that (:
Superchick91 Superchick91 Jul 29, 2012
Ok How is she 21 and still in high school?? And is her sister the same age as her??