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Brianna By BriLynnbooks Completed

Love is a powerful word, especially in the werewolf world. To creatures, such as werewolves, it was the bond that brought two mates together. It was a gift from the goddess herself, something she blessed every wolf with. 

However, sometimes, it was seen as a curse. 

In a pack, cursed by an exiled Alpha, the bond kept them from falling into the awaiting darkness. To be consumed by feral instinct, to become a threat to others. Their Alpha, on the other hand, had fallen. He had allowed the temptation to seduce him, to caress his desolated heart. He was a monster, to everyone but her. 

His mate. 

She had begun to change him, to make him see that someone does love him. That his pack loves him, until something odd had happened.

She had shut him out and did the unthinkable. 

But not everything is as it seems, sometimes, we get confused. Misguided. Manipulated. 

Only she knows why she did what she did. 

And someone wants to know why.

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