Keys To My Heart {G. WEASLEY}

Keys To My Heart {G. WEASLEY}

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Lucinda Sparks, a pure-blooded witch that had fell in love with George Weasley. Not to mention she was a weird and odd girl at times.

When she was five, her parents both got murdered by a death eater, who broke into their house at around midnight. It left her traumatized, but she stood strong and didn't let it affect her as much as it should've.

Now, she's living in a muggle part of London with her adoptive parents, who are both Muggle-born, they both loved Lucinda dearly, and treated her as if she's their real daughter. 

Then she gets her Hogwarts letter, the letter she's been waiting for years.


|| book one of one ||
This will cover years 1-7 and even after the war.