After Five Years

After Five Years

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Mia By goldenmars Completed

Synopsis Leila Reyes is a 25-year-old single mother of the cute 5-year-old, Melody. After graduating a course she hated —and having no companion in college —she struggled to create her own career path. So for more than three years, her efforts to become a successful model has been keeping her up—of course, it was a lot harder after having a baby. But she can’t and wouldn’t leave her responsibilities to her baby away, unlike a certain someone who threw her away...  

Ryan Lui is the successful businessman from the top clothing company in the country. Right at the peak of his career and his company’s success was the launch of their newest designs, when their lead advertiser, model, and his then-fiancée backed out. Left with no top-rated people’s favourite model and a 1-year-old innocent son, Ry is determined to give a blast on their launch. That is until he finds his childhood and hometown friend Leila applying...   

He knew better than to sleep with his childhood friend...  
She knew better than to give in to her childhood friend...  

Had forgetting each other after what happened really been the better choice?

  • baby
  • childhood
  • friends
  • love
  • reunion
Leila_2100 Leila_2100 Jun 16, 2017
FINALLY nakahanap na ako ng story na kapangalan ko ang bida!!! At ang kaapelyedo pa ng crush ko haha! Whoo hoo salamat! You just made my happy day happier!
princesss303 princesss303 Jun 05, 2017
WHOOP MIAS IN DAH HOUSE!!!!!! (Hi my names Mia!)
                              P.s. hire do you pronounce it Me-a or My-a?
Jwow_411 Jwow_411 Jul 22, 2016
Lui.....does this mean he's asian?? OMG FINALLY YAAS AN ASIAN MAIN CHARACTER....if he's not then it's cool, whatever...😝
LOL3303 LOL3303 Apr 28, 2016
I've read this book before... Then I couldn't remember the name!!! I've found you my love!! 😅👌🏻
Lighthouse60 Lighthouse60 Jul 01, 2016
Sound good so far and I love to read anyway. So you just keep writing and coming up with things to write about.
differencez differencez Jun 16, 2015
Oh my gosh, I'm a Filipina! I always find it really cool to find an author that is also Filipina. I would love to read your book even if it's English or not.