Falling (Silently) For The Deaf Boy

Falling (Silently) For The Deaf Boy

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∞ By cl0ud_nine Updated Feb 15, 2014

There is a new boy in Year 10. He is called Callum. He is adorable and smart but there is one problem, he is deaf. There were no spaces left in any special schools near him, so he is in a normal Secondary school. He soon meets his new best friend, Lucy. They become inseparable and talk to each other using notebooks. One day, bullies make fun of Callum so badly, Lucy finds him crying in the library. that's when she made a life changing promise to Callum, she promises to learn sign language...and she does. Soon this new form of communication becomes something special...

❝How hard will she try to make him happy again?❞


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TheOthxrSxde TheOthxrSxde Apr 20, 2016
Damn I've literally only read this summary and I'm already hooked
sophiejo4300 sophiejo4300 Feb 15, 2014
Oh my gosh this is one of my favorite Wattpad stories! Thank you so so much for the update and I really hope you update as soon as possible with more cuteness!:)
kanz_musicoholic kanz_musicoholic Feb 01, 2014
Thanks a ton [if thats a word :P] for the dedication!!!!! <3 <3
TheNutellaMaker TheNutellaMaker Jan 13, 2014
This sounds amazing!!! *jumps up and down* Plus you like Harry Potter So I have got to read this!!
LizMack LizMack Jan 07, 2014
This story caught my eyes because of my love for signlanguage and the deaf community. I think I will enjoy this. :)
cl0ud_nine cl0ud_nine Dec 15, 2013
Wow, I didn't expect it to go down well that fast! I will upload chapter one shortly :)