Being his halal

Being his halal

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meet Hatina,  a young muslimah who always dreamed of being loved, but anyone she loved never loved her back. Hatina always felt that the world hated her but still did not give up,although she had a rough childhood, she still believed in hope and Allah (SWT). Hatina who didn't know what to did with her life and doesn't have any dream only to day dream about her knight and shining armour. What else did life want from a nice, beautiful young muslimah that always knew life had more meaning than it gave.

meet Annur, a muti -billionaire playboy who is daddy spoilt brat and a Muslim young man but also a loving guy by almost everyone he comes in contact with. he's a jovial, handsome man who has dreams and achievement. And also love to hang out around ladies(ladies lover). After all, every one can't be perfect right?  

But what happens when these two dislike each other just at the the first meeting  and then are forced to marriage, wouldn't that be fire on the mountain? or would  these two learn to grow fond of each other and and try to mend one another even after so many obstacle? will they fight for their love and will annur be able to give hatina back what she lost and deserved?