Not One of Them.

Not One of Them.

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Nina By smileyfaceXD Completed


Elaina has been abused by her pack since she was six years old. Hiding her own secret reasons for the abuse, the alpha blood in her veins keeps her wolf fighting as her body deteriorates. Her pack cuts her, starves her, and beats her. 
She honestly has nothing left to live for. But, not having the strength to end it herself, she waits for her life to end naturally and her body to just give out. She prays for it, begs for it, and plans on welcoming death with open arms. 
But what happens when the alpha of a neighbouring pack comes for a visit? Or when he decides to come in between Elaina and her wishes for death? 
What does this alpha want? What secrets is she hiding? And will she ever find a reason to keep hanging on?
Only time will tell...

(Cover credit goes out to @GlamorousDolls!! Thank you so much!)

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neko_ousama neko_ousama Jun 10
Is this officially revised and polished? Just asking because I want to read the fresh version with the new additions in it😁
Add my self esteem, my self confidence, my social life and my life in general to that list
adashofweeb adashofweeb Jun 09
Dude i thought of the lion king 2 when i read the title i was automatically like DECEPTION, DISGRAACE
I’m gonna cry 😭 
                              I never knew there was a second Lion King
waylo02 waylo02 Jul 29
I could be wrong, but maybe you could change the first sentence into two. It sounds a little off, like a run on.
That is why giving up, is sometimes not an option is many cases. It is not even considered.