My Kitten Bryce|| BrOhm|| ~Hybrid AU~

My Kitten Bryce|| BrOhm|| ~Hybrid AU~

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I'm Inactive By SeptiplierTrashX3 Updated Jun 14, 2017

It's fear that consumes Bryce as the tall alpha towers over him, his wolf ears inches away from Bryce's cat ears, his teeth inches away from Bryce's tender skin. "I've been waiting too long for this, Bryce," the alpha male kept his hands tight around Bryce's wrists as he struggled against his restraints. "I'm excited to make you feel so much pain."

"Why? What have I ever done to you?" Bryce breathed out. He could feel the male's smirk on his skin as his teeth sunk deep into his neck. A surprised scream of pure shock and pain echoed through the room. Thats when the door opened, another tall alpha pushing the other off of Bryce's quivering body.

Bryce couldn't stop crying, his vision foggy from fear. He couldn't see who was in front of him, but they felt trustworthy, so he cuddled up to their chest. "Sh, Bryce," The alpha cooed. "I'm here, Bryce. I'm here. Ryan's gotcha, Ryan's here."

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SarahWaziri0 SarahWaziri0 May 07, 2017
His palms were sweaty. Knees weak,arms heavy. Their is vomit on his sweater already,MOMS SPAGHETTI
XxShadowWhispersxX XxShadowWhispersxX Apr 19, 2017
I betcha I will be obsessed with this book I already want more!