Aliyah's short story rough draft

Aliyah's short story rough draft

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Zziippee2652 By Zziippee2652 Updated Apr 19

"So tell me about the dream again"

" I've already told you today" 

" yes but about it again"

" it's just a dream" 

" well yes but it's a reoccurring dream"


" well reoccurring dreams are usually of very Trumatic memories that a person holds , and yours is more.....'

'" weird" 

" I'd like to say abstract"

" can I go back to my room now"  I say looking to Doctor it eyes.

He look me eyes for a minute then looks down at his not book and writes somethings in it  " very well your dismissed. He says looking back at me. 

"Finally" I say standing up and walking over to the door. " dose the door in your dream look like that one?" He asks me as I'm about to open the door  " no it looks different every time" I say opening the door. As I'm about to leave I turn back and say " thank you for seeing me" he nods and starts writing in he's book. I quickly open the door and run through then  turn back to look at him. I stand there staring at him for a minute waiting for him to look at me, ...

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