Spy In Love

Spy In Love

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Spy In Love
Hey Guys! Just changing the title a bit so it doesn't have the excessive amount of punctuation.  No worries though the story is still the same. Thanks for all the Love! 

(Arranged Marriage....... to a Secret Agent?!?!?!?!)

What would you think if you woke up one day and found out were getting married to the biggest player in school. Cliche right? so what if the next day you were kidnapped by a group that sort of makes you think of Cobra from GI Joe,  and your husband is the secret agent on the case to stop him? not so cliche anymore.  Will you fall in love with him even if he is still the egotistical jerk from school? But hey! He saved your life ten times over and looked good doing it.

doodlebobtrash doodlebobtrash Jul 08, 2015
me-haha why are we talking about this?
                              dad- cuz ur getting married.
                              me- bye boo.
lazybum101 lazybum101 Jun 04, 2015
I would have called the police or something. No way in hell can parents force you to marry someone! I mean what the hell!!!!
EleanorClark1450 EleanorClark1450 Jun 03, 2015
I would have chained myself to the pile of my bed and made really really weird noises when they tried to move me
Momzkhalil Momzkhalil May 27, 2015
She said she's against the idea then u the hell is she packing a bag
chibirum chibirum May 15, 2015
I don't see what the problem is. And I don't think she actually has the strength to do all that
- - Apr 19, 2015
That is a much better version of my fav insult, "go die in a hole"