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Dating the World: Country x Reader

Dating the World: Country x Reader

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Your hero ;) By YourHero213 Updated Aug 28, 2015

Living in the world of Hetalia isn't always easy for you.

There's America challenging you to drinking contests, rumors going around that China likes you, England's several different personas flying all over the place; plus Romano's been going all tsundere on you and then there's Spain practically beating up France and Prussia just for your attention. Has anyone ever mentioned how good of a kisser Greece is? And what's this thing called a 2P again? Oh, and can't forget Iceland's hidden side that only you get a chance to see. Then Denmark goes all matchmaker! What's that about Norway? He's secretly an in-closet WHAT?

A series of: fluffy, romantic, dark, unique, erotic, innocent one-shots-- all compiled into one~! Some are rated PG, others PG-13, and some maybe even rated R. Depends, but there will be warnings posted before every chapter. :)

Hope you enjoy! Vote and comment when you're done, pretty please? ^_^

-Celine (:

No. That statement does not mean that Spain is a pedophile. Nope. He's just a smol boi that loves to act like a big bro to other smol children.
Yup. All vital regions are already owned by Prussia, with either you disagreeing or simply not knowing (0.0)
UM EXCISE ME?RUssia saved ME from 5 century slavery for Turkey!THAT IS LOVE BIT**
ElinIsHere ElinIsHere Mar 06
I read this as "you heard a fish slam against the table" and I died 😂
                              AND TURKEY
                              YOU CAN STAY CLOSE TO RUSSIA AS WELL
                              FXKING HISTORY
*eating Kebapce and drinking rakiq* #BulgarianSummerLife
                              Even if it is winter...