A Dirty Louis Tomlinson  Fafiction

A Dirty Louis Tomlinson Fafiction

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Y/N's p.o.v-

 Louis Tomlinson was my boyfriend & to be honest I can't wait for tonight for I can have my first time with him.

9:oo am,

12:00 pm,

3:oo pm,

4:59 pm,

Yes he's home!

"Louis?!" I call from our bed room only wearing a black lace bra and panties. 

"Yeah y/n?" he says as he walks in to the room with a bag of carrots.

"Oh..." he says as his eyes wonder up and down my body.

"You've been bad!" he says as he pulls out a carrot and walks closer to me.

"How?" I say in a innocent voice.

"You didn't tell me you owned sexy under wear and you didn't tell me you were planing on us having sex tonight, by the way were not having!" he says spreading my legs apart.

He pulls down my black lace panties and sticks his head in between my legs.

"Ahh" I moan, as Louis starts to do something, which sends a huge amount of pleasure through my body.

"Ready?" he asks holding up his carrot from before.

I nod, letting him know that I want his carrot in me.

He starts to thrust the carrot i...