The Ex-Drug Dealer (Sequel to The Drug Dealers Daughter)

The Ex-Drug Dealer (Sequel to The Drug Dealers Daughter)

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Ya Girl Lyric By YungLyric Updated Jan 11, 2014

I laughed "Boy just open it!"

He unfolded the tissue paper and it revealed a paper that said 'Hey Daddy! I'm in mommy's belly chilling. I cant wait to see you on September 7th, 2013' and it had a pregnancy test taped to the middle that read 'Positive'. He looked at me and back at the paper multiple times just smiling 

"Sparkle don't play with me! There's another lil us in your stomach?" he said smiling 

I had happy tears in my eyes "Yes baby there is"

He smiled so big "What's the gender?" 

"I don't know check the box" I said chuckling 

He got rid of more tissue out the box and it had a blue baby onesie that said 'Daddy's mini me" in gold letters' and a lil plush football with a blue and gold pacifier.

"It's a boy?" he said

"Yes baby we're gonna have a son" I said smiling

He dropped the box on the couch and ran to me picking me up spinning me around "WE'RE HAVING A SON!" he yelled 

"Mwama what's hwappin" Nyla asked

I got out of Roc's grip and squatted down to her level "Princ...

Why did I think of that one video? "If you call me daddy, I know he getting in the panties, so daddy daddy daddy daddy daddy daddy daddy daddy.