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The Rouge

The Rouge

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Brittany Fisher By SeeBritFisher Updated Jan 24, 2016

You see there are two types of people: the weak and the strong. Humans are in a constant struggle to understand their position on the power chain. It's different for people like me, a werewolf. We already know where we stand, there is no struggle or debate. The strong are the leaders of our race, the Alphas and Betas and anyone else born into a rank. Everyone else is one of the weak subject to the will of the strong. There is no room or opportunity to move up in society. Your best option is to stay below the Alpha's radar. Because the Alpha is king and his word is law.
Well except for a select few.
Our society is divided into packs. Each pack is subject to its Alpha. But there are some, myself among them, who chose to not be a part of any pack. We live bowing to no one's will but our own. It's dangerous to live without the protection of a pack but if you're careful you have true freedom.
We are known as Rogues.
Alicia Wren has been a Rogue her entire life. She cherished the freedom of never having to listen to what anyone told her. And there was nothing Alicia hated more than Alphas. So what happens when an unlucky encounter brings her face to face with the one of the most powerful Alphas in the continent?
Marcus Cross, Alpha of the largest pack in the United States, is known for ruthlessly killing Rogues. For a Rogue venturing near his territory was the same as knocking on the door of death. It was unheard of for a Rogue to willing trespass onto his land. So what happens when a Rogue not only does something so unheard of but also manages to survive doing so?
Rogues and Alphas have always hated each other. Marcus and Alicia hate each other's kind even more than most. So what happens when they find out that they are destined to be together?
Could they grow to love each other and work together before Alicia's dark past catches up and threatens both their lives?

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