Beautiful 1 ✔ | Kim Taehyung

Beautiful 1 ✔ | Kim Taehyung

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My name is Lee y/n. I have a best friend for years his name is Kim Taehyung  I'm really happy his my best friend but I fall in love with him  I haven't said it or confess to him. But he already has a girlfriend her name is Minhee I am really mad that they are together she interrupted are friendship when we where in high school but why do I feel this? I shouldn't feel this I really love my best friend. Does he feel the same? I don't know I wish.

Sneak Peek: Taehyung's POV
I regret my decision. I regret being Minhee's boyfriend again. I should have just protected her. But i hurt her more. This is my most regretful decision ever. Every knife on this world kept stabbing me seeing her hurt. I love her more than anything. I hate myself. But can I turn the time back? No. I wish I can turn back time. To fix my stupid mistakes. The one I hurt was the one I love.

Author's Note:
This was my first book so prepare to be cringe and confused. Also lots of koreaboo shit. I was in a phase. Also currently editing them to make them look better. I'm adding quotations and giving them spaces. It's a bit cliche... But please read! 

Started: April 21 2017

Ended: July 20 2017

Edit: THX FOR 1k LOVE CHUU GUYS -SEPTEMBER 12 2017 9:34 pm

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