The Tail Of A Beast {A Naruto Fan-Fic)

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Maxine Hayes By Marauder_Girlz Updated 3 years ago
The Ookami is an extremely dangerous demon that puts the Tailed Beasts to shame.  She roams freely, or, that is, she did until the scientists got to her.  You see, dearest reader, the Ookami was not known because she didn't want to be.  But, eventually, that group of scientists figured out that it was her who was behind the mysterious disappearances of not just a few people, but entire clans and villages.  They decide that if they combined her DNA with that of a human that they could create a super-human and become idols in the eyes of their fellow scientists... unfortunately for them, that's not how things went.  After they stuck her in that dreadful machine and put her in a human form, Ookami escapes the scientists clutches and flees to Konohagakure (aka Konoha), where she is accepted as a ninja and joins Team Kakashi, or Team 7.  She adjusts to life as a human quickly, and is soon forming her plot to take down Konoha, a lifelong goal of hers as a beast.  But what happens when she starts to - to her utter horror - enjoy life with Team 7, who she begins to see as the family she never had?  Will she be able to push those 'trifling human emotions' aside, or will she allow them to fill her being and guide her on this strange and confusing road called life?  And, what's more, what will she do when she starts to feel something more than just friendship for one of the other ninjas?
    All will be revealed in this tale of love, pain, loss, and friendship.
    (I know, I totally suck at descriptions, but I did my best!  XD)
    I DO NOT own any of the Naruto characters (even though I wish I did....!  I own only Ookami and the few others that come in later on!!!!!  I speaks da truth!!!!   Hee hee hee...!  Okay, I'll shut up and let you get on with the story now...
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