All Bets Are Off

All Bets Are Off

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Laney :) By xXForever_LoveXx Completed

Ella Fordman vowed never to fall in love with Phoenix Adams. 

 Until that one fateful Friday night, when they make a bet that could potentially change everything: They have to make as many people as they can fall in love with them in one month. 

 Suddenly Ella is thrust into a world of lies, dates, magic, love and confusion.  But, in the end, who will win?  Or, more importantly, will it matter? Will there be a winner?  Or will all bets be off?

|| Book Three of the Pranking the Bad Boy Series ||

Cover: footprints-
Trailer: BlueBleu

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lilreader79 lilreader79 Apr 01, 2016
do i have to read the other books before this or can it stand alone? what is the order?
Maaginen Maaginen Sep 15, 2015
Marley xD, I read this book's sinopsis first and then read "The Jealousy Game" and now I'm starting this one
do_i_know_you68 do_i_know_you68 Jun 14, 2015
bruh...  im not gonna lie i thought because Marley and Noah were married that Ella and Phoenix being together would somehow be illegal.  thanks for clearing that up google 
_Twisted_Fate_ _Twisted_Fate_ Jun 04, 2015
If this is like the other 2 I'm gonna need about 2 tubs of ice cream, a lot of tissues, and I really good Netflix connection
lesitoi6 lesitoi6 May 05, 2015
I'm confused now....I thought that ur not allowed to get married wth ur sister n brother in law!!...cause there practically family arnt they?.....
NuggetQueen_ NuggetQueen_ Feb 22, 2015
If ella is ungrateful I give you permission to slap her 100 tiles with a wooden spoon