I'm Still Standing- Book 1: Water

I'm Still Standing- Book 1: Water

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It's been a hundred years since the war that was started by the fire nation. Since its destoryed families and ripped homes apart. 

But then the avatar returned...

Kya of the southern water tribe is the eldest out of her twin brother sokka and her younger sister katara with severe PTSD of a mortifying past, but she'd do anything for the little family she has left. Unaware of the one shell gain when she leaves home. Unaware of the future that awaits her for love and for fear...

Nabu, once a simple middle child brother, now a trained assassin that is humble and always loyal to the prince of the fire nation who was more than a prince to him. Instead is a brother. He laughs and plays and tries everything to make sure his best friend knows what happiness is but when the avatar returns, his mask of a smile slowly dissolves into the pain of lost. 

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