Possessive Alpha

Possessive Alpha

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"I'm only going to tell you this once so listen very closely Aubrey because I'm not going to repeat myself " 

I loved the way my name sounded coming out of his mouth it sent pleasurable shivers down my spine like the sparks I feel every time his hand made contact with the skin under my shirt he was touching right now and in my dreams. coming back to reality I replied. 

"And whats that Logan"

He just smirked down at me making me want to kick his ass and kiss him at the same time. 

" You are MINE Aubrey and as long as I shall live no one and I mean no one is allowed to touch what is mine. " 

After her father died Aubrey Michaels couldn't wait to see her hometown in her rear view mirror. Just wanting to leave all the pain of her fathers death behind she jumps with joy when her mother mentions moving to a whole new state. She looks forward to moving a new town, a new school, and a new life. But what happens when on her first day of school at Lincoln high she bumps into the schools mysterious bad boy will she fall in love at first sight or will she want to kill him.  Read to find out 

Warning may contain sexual content

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yokoangeldevil yokoangeldevil Oct 03, 2017
Why every wolf story, the main character girl always live in a house with a forest as a backyard? 😂😂
fearisjustaword fearisjustaword Aug 31, 2016
You know what they say. If you dream the same dream more than once it is sure to come true