A Thousand Eyes: A Novel of Elizabeth I

A Thousand Eyes: A Novel of Elizabeth I

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Chloe Helton By chloe_helton Completed

1558. Elizabeth, the last of King Henry's heirs, is a traitor's daughter. Now, she is England's last hope.

After five gruesome years, Bloody Mary is on her deathbed. She lives her sister Elizabeth a daunting inheritance: the throne of England.

The bishops will not anoint a heretic. A foreign queen plots for the throne. And Englishmen and foreigners alike are starting to notice Elizabeth's growing infatuation for a man who spent his youth in a traitor's cell. And the people demand a prince to fill the empty throne by Elizabeth's side: a husband that may wrest away every morsel of her power.

Tides are turning in England, and no one is safe. Not even the queen.

I'm so used to thinking of Elizabeth as the terrifying queen in Reign but now I'm happy to read a story where she's not the bad guy
_mozzie _mozzie Aug 04, 2015
I usually don't read historical fiction but dang! That was amazing,now I see what I was missing out on.
ellapage627 ellapage627 Jul 06, 2015
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tashjupp7 tashjupp7 Nov 22, 2014
I've only read the first two pages, but you appear to understand how  terrifying it must have been to be Anne Bolyne's daughter! Tash Jupp :-)
cordelia138 cordelia138 Jul 20, 2014
lol im related to Anne Boleyn's sister, Mary......so Elizabeth is my cousin!!!
reneeswalker reneeswalker Jul 07, 2014
Elizabeth I has always been my favorite historical figure, and I like this book! I read many books about her, and her mother, Anne Boleyn (I adore the name). I'm really excited to read this!