Deviant [H.S.]

Deviant [H.S.]

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It's 2031. 

In a country corrupted by its own government, every girl is assigned a Protector at age 17 until they are able to pursue life on their own. These Protectors have unique abilities, some more complex than others. 

Serena hates the idea of the Protector Core, and wants to be able to venture life on her own terms. But when she meets Harry, she is thrust into a life of power, tragedy, and lust. A life she never thought existed. 

The life of a Deviant.

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germary123 germary123 Oct 04
It’s been so long since I’ve read fanfic and it’s good to be back 😩
I had to stop reading because I got distracted thinking about the cover photo. Even his armpit hair is hot wtf
Calmmyy Calmmyy Nov 09
So basically a 16 year old can’t get a “protector” so all the criminals can go after them 🤨 right¿
Calmmyy Calmmyy Nov 09
Just “hang” with boys on the floor if he doesn’t like you “hanging” on the bed 🤷🏻‍♀️
Calmmyy Calmmyy Nov 09
What do you mean this many times. You plan on doing it once 😳
Crtheodorou Crtheodorou Oct 08
Ok so my order got mixed up ur cute and all but I orderd a harry styles...