Born Of Ashes

Born Of Ashes

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Abbie By CarbonMoon Updated May 30

The Unmated Ball only happens once every generation. The next heir to the throne needs a mate! The next just so happens to be on Iris birthday, the day she becomes of age. 

Iris is a freak she didn't need people telling her that but with the upcoming ball looming Iris can't help but think why she had been summoned to it in the first place? Why was her mum putting her through the humiliation? 

Prince Robert is dreading the ball! He didn't need a mate to become King but he can't help but notice the girl with ruby eyes and how she makes his heart skip a beat.

*Use to be called Alpha's Prey*
**Cover by 2FOXY4U**

00crossfire 00crossfire Mar 03
I have a feeling the fighting over females with definitely come into play ^^
00crossfire 00crossfire Mar 03
Why.... ? I'm afraid I can't see any mother's I know crying so randomly xD
So, this is like in real life, how the wolfs mate. I like it!
Love this thanks for writing some background info so I wasn't confused
00crossfire 00crossfire Mar 03
Is it a play on words by having her name as Iris and it's her iris that's red? ^^
00crossfire 00crossfire Mar 03
My eyes where once a bright green, they then turned to hazel and now they are an almost black green... what happened?