[UNDER REVISION] the servant of morpheus ➸ pjo fanfic

[UNDER REVISION] the servant of morpheus ➸ pjo fanfic

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ruth By usnaviis Updated Jul 14

❝So, we just go in there, steal his cloak and go? Easy!❞

❝Zarah, it's not that easy, trust me. If I know Morpheus, which I do, he has installed numerous traps, hidden guards at every corner, set countless impossible locks-❞

❝Oh, look. Here we are!❞



Here's the deal; Morpheus, god of dreams? Not a good guy. Sadly for Aara Pahlavi, she found that out a little late. Sixteen years late, to be exact.

Now she's found herself on a quest with two demigods; one who's a surly, sarcastic and uncooperative teenager and one that doesn't speak. Hooray!

She's got seven (7) days to steal Morpheus' cloak, the source of his magical powers. Easy, right?

Well, as you may have already guessed, the answer is no. A big, huge, screaming because it's so gigantic, no.

If she fails, she dies. If she succeeds... There's still a high chance of death.

This should be fun.


This is a work of fanfiction. Camp Half-Blood and the Percy Jackson universe belong to Rick Riordan. I do not claim any ownership of either.

Cover has nothing to do with the story ❤

© Ruth J. Feather 

Begun:  2017
Finished: ???

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scryiing scryiing Jul 05
it leaves me tenacious, bitter and cold hearted, with tendencies to indulge in impulsive and nefarious acts that can inevitably end in dire consequences and exclusion from the rest of society
Chilea Chilea Jul 15
I wish my characters could be this aesthetic
                              unfortunately some of my face claims *cough* Alabae *cough* isn't an actual actor or model, he's just a random kid who I was blessed to find in the first place
awww, you're welcome ma mère! i'm glad to be part of your improvement ♡ i also hope you'll evolve into an immensely, irrevocably beautiful author and spread your wisdom to your audience someday.
(( OHHHH Also a beauty. Who could totally kick me in the face  ))
scryiing scryiing Jul 05
i am an abomination to the fragile . . . yeah i can't do this anymore
Amelia_Vale Amelia_Vale 5 days ago
I love the faceclaims, it'll make it easier to imagine all the characters!