I knew you were trouble {Destiel High School AU}

I knew you were trouble {Destiel High School AU}

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(A/N Cas & Dean look like what they look like in the cover)


"C'mon Dean! You're no fun!" Balthazar whines. I push my glasses up to the middle of my nose and say: "Fine, just this once though!" I really didn't like when I was called 'boring' and 'no fun' and things like that. I know how to have fun, just my fun isn't going to parties getting drunk and doing drugs.

"The party is at nine, are you gonna drive there or do I need to get you?"
"Erm I'll drive, where is it and who's throwing the party?" I ask tugging on my back pack strap. 
"I'll write down the address for you" He says pulling out a paper and writing it down then handing it to me. "And it's Castiel Novak's party! It's going to be so epic!" He says pumped. 
Great. Castiel Novak's party, I here a lot of bad things happen at his parties.
"Yay!" I say sarcastically. 
"Alright well I got to go, man, see you tonight!" Balthazar says then jogs off.


What do I even wear to this kind of thing? I never go to...

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I love how bobby is so chill about him being home around midnight
kawiia216 kawiia216 Apr 01
At first I was rlly confused why everybody was freaking out tHEN I REREAD IT AND IM JUST HSJFBDNBSDBDN
Don't do drugs Dean nothing good ever happens when drugs r involved
Alison died tho.... in Scotts arms
                              Teen wolf reference for those who don't get it
Wow you even memorized where he sits in the classes you have together
Monkee_y Monkee_y Apr 02
I like how the comments are about Cas getting beat by his father while I’m over here thinking: 'I like to dip my fries into my milkshakes too'😂😂