The frozen heart (Ziall)

The frozen heart (Ziall)

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Lisa By Caliske_XP Updated 2 days ago

People are scared of me.

Scared of my appearance

Scared of my touch

Scared of my presence

Because I am a freak

I didn't ask for this 'gift'. I didn't want to freeze everything when I touch it.

But this is who I am and because people don't like me, not even my own parents, I ran away.


Niall Horan, the ice boy.

Only looking in his eyes would tell you that he is something special. The extraterrestrial icy blue colour, blond hair and pale skin are dead give-aways.

And special he is. He has a heart of ice. Everything he touches freezes instantly.

But people hate him for it, think he's a mistake of nature. Even his own parents said so.

So, he ran away. With no money and just a backpack filled with clothes he travels through the country, thinking he's the only one with a gift like this.

Oh boy, was he wrong...

zaynpsyco zaynpsyco 2 days ago
Well he was rude to Niall and Niall had to do something one way or another 😂😂😂
zaynpsyco zaynpsyco 2 days ago
He doesn't deserve that I wish I was ice girl then I will freeze the world for you
zaynpsyco zaynpsyco 2 days ago
Does learning ABC count as reading cause that was all I could do in kindergarten
I'm just gonna assume since Zayn has powers too that he by judging the cover has fire powers
                              I think he has it worse because he can't wear gloves because they will simply burn up and he is extremely hot the whole time so he doesn't even has to use his powers to end someone's life
zaynpsyco zaynpsyco 2 days ago
Hate how can someone hate someone so precious as my baby nialler
zaynpsyco zaynpsyco 2 days ago
Jumps out the window?  If I do that I will probably break all my bones