My Two Best Friends

My Two Best Friends

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Ashley Vint By AshleyV Updated May 01, 2013

(Cover by: KaraRobinson)  (Warning: Sexual Content)

“You know the truth now, Olivia.” Thane's voice was grave, the cool mask he always wore back in place.

“There's just one question, Liv.” Adrian started but they both finished the statement in that odd way they always had.

“Can you handle it?” I swallowed, lips parting soundlessly. Could I?

Olivia Deveraux has been able to lean on Adrian McNamara and Thane Montgomery for as long as she can remember. Since they were in diapers the two have appointed themselves her personal bodyguards, but the friendship they've built over the years goes much deeper. When the two boys she's trusted with her life for too many years drop not one, but two, bombshells on her in one day, though, the secrets they've kept from her threaten to ruin the very foundation of everything Olivia's always believed in. She's struggling enough with coming to terms with the feelings the two of them bring forth in her, adding the Supernatural to that just makes finding her footing with her two best-friends even more difficult.

~Ménage à Trois... With A Twist: Book One~

EmmaByrnes EmmaByrnes Jul 17, 2016
Just started reading this and there is nothing in part one??
HaniaAmr HaniaAmr Jul 20, 2015
Can you imagine her as a baby drooling over baby them shirtless
logankara logankara Apr 23, 2015
guys shes not feeling well and as her helper I know the answer is yea
nancylogan2 nancylogan2 Jan 06, 2015
her two beast male friends want to share her? please say yes
_OffWithYourHead _OffWithYourHead Nov 02, 2014
you know what imma let you finish, but I totally could handle it.
Nikokitten Nikokitten Apr 10, 2014
YES!!!.......I'm sorry I didn't mean to answer for u.... u can continue now immav hush, immab hush