When Our Paths Cross. (COMPLETED)

When Our Paths Cross. (COMPLETED)

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Tai By BeautifullSoUL Completed

(When Our Paths Cross..)

Thing’s take a curious turn when two “best friends” come to find out how much they really have in common.. 
Cherry and Dante have been close for two years now. They wouldn’t exactly say that they are “best friends” but they would say they just “know” each other really well. Dante had never crossed Cherry’s mind as someone she could “be” with. In fact that hadn’t even touched her mind at all. Dante was too much of a flirt, too much of a romantic player, who had initially fucked around all too much and gotten somebody pregnant.

Dante was just the same, Cherry was just a cool ass chic from the day they met…but from an outsiders point of view you’d think much more was going on, actions speak louder than words perhaps? Life eventually turns into an unpleasant weight on Dante’s shoulders and Cherry is right there as always to help him through. Eventually a feeling in each of them starts to slowly build, but they go to GREAT heights to ignore this fire that has ignited itself. Will they meet each other at a cross roads and come to terms with it? Or will they completely miss each other passing by.

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andyBvbluvs andyBvbluvs Apr 12
I mean... What girlfriend wouldn't have a fit.That's mad disrespectful.
912mademe 912mademe Dec 31, 2017
See the shid I don’t do is play in a fukin car bitch you ain’t about to put my life in jeopardy 🧐🧐🧐
visionsofme__ visionsofme__ Apr 25, 2016
Come on now I would be mad asf too. Kissing on lipsss nahhh playboy
fineassdada fineassdada Jun 04, 2016
Well I would also have a fit if my boyfriend had his lips all over his friend
ode2God ode2God Sep 12, 2015
lol whoa. i'm not sure if they should be all kissing each other even if it is lightly. i'm a little confused as to how the linked back up but it seems harmless enough.
soulqween soulqween Aug 17, 2015
bruhh nahh he could kiss your cheeks m forehead . no wonder why erica be tight they mad disrespectful