I, Immortal

I, Immortal

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P N I N A ✨ By PninaStar Completed

What if living forever is more of a curse than a gift?

√ Completed 6/14/18
Excerpt: There was a time when I thought immortality was a cool deal. I mean, you get to live through centuries, see how technology and culture change, experience everything that ever is and ever will be! Why not be immortal?

And so I chose to become immortal. I wonder if I chose wrong.

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johnemiles johnemiles May 24, 2017
I honestly like it, your narration is great and you stort is entertaining. Give u an A+
EroGold EroGold Dec 04, 2017
Vernedip Vernedip Dec 02, 2017
"Admiration is the most abundant form of ignorance." With the concept of immortality, those words couldn't be truer.
CarlCarbajal CarlCarbajal Apr 05, 2017
I can't imagine if i was him, i would jump to the roof and shout. 😂 Then i'll be get killed for they have chosen me and the End. I Suck 😂
Serrose19 Serrose19 May 05, 2017
Is anyone else just plain obsessed with this book? Cause I am🙌
Elica95 Elica95 Dec 01, 2017
Nice, I'm working on something myself,  I hope so e might like it