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Yoongyo By Yoongyo Updated Nov 07, 2018

What happens when people fall in love....

  But then have to compete against each other to achieve their goals and dreams???

Yes. This is it. A BangTwice shipping story. Please don't kill Me if you don't like BangTwice, just ignore and move on!!! 


These are my ships.

1: YOONGYO (Jihyo and Suga) 
2: TZUKOOK (Tzuyu and Jungkook)
3: TAESANA (Sana and V)
4: JIMINA (Jimin and Mina)
5: JUNGJOON (RM and Jungyeon)
6: NAYJIN (Nayeon and Jin)
7: MOSEOK (Momo and Hoseok/ J-Hope)
THATS ALL!! I'm not sure how often I'll update and I hope you will be able to support me all the way!!! 

Thank You!!!

*The readers will be named...Macarons~*

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hayoungsuwu hayoungsuwu Nov 27, 2017
вυт нe'ѕ yoongι...  тнe gυy wнo wanтѕ тo вe a rocĸ ιn нιѕ neхт lιғe...
hayoungsuwu hayoungsuwu Nov 27, 2017
we wιѕн...  υnғorтυnaтely ιт'ѕ only ғor тнe ғew lυcĸy oneѕ