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Yoongyo By Yoongyo Updated 3 days ago

What happens when people fall in love....

  But then have to compete against each other to achieve their goals and dreams???

Yes. This is it. A BangTwice shipping story. Please don't kill Me if you don't like BangTwice, just ignore and move on!!! 


These are my ships.

1: YOONGYO (Jihyo and Suga) 
2: TZUKOOK (Tzuyu and Jungkook)
3: TAESANA (Sana and V)
4: JIMINA (Jimin and Mina)
5: JUNGJOON (RM and Jungyeon)
6: NAYJIN (Nayeon and Jin)
7: MOSEOK (Momo and Hoseok/ J-Hope)
THATS ALL!! I'm not sure how often I'll update and I hope you will be able to support me all the way!!! 

Thank You!!!

*The readers will be named...Macarons~*

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ItxBaekhyunNotBacon ItxBaekhyunNotBacon Nov 27, 2017
вυт нe'ѕ yoongι...  тнe gυy wнo wanтѕ тo вe a rocĸ ιn нιѕ neхт lιғe...
ItxBaekhyunNotBacon ItxBaekhyunNotBacon Nov 27, 2017
we wιѕн...  υnғorтυnaтely ιт'ѕ only ғor тнe ғew lυcĸy oneѕ