The Deadlands (PG-13/R)

The Deadlands (PG-13/R)

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David Gilmore By David_Gilmore Updated Feb 03, 2014

In a post-apocalyptic world, a man happens across a girl hiding in a derelict building. He pledges to take her home to Haven, a settlement that is ever growing. But he'll soon discover that Haven is a viper's nest, as he and others struggle to survive in a world without much hope.

Please note that this is very much a work in progress. It's being written as I upload parts and right now, only the first part of 'episode 1' is available. I hope to upload a part at least once a week. Each episode, even though I likely won't upload entire episodes in one go, are similar to an episode on TV where each contains their own narrative thread while also pushing the overall story forward. They're also of varying lengths.

Also, feedback is very much welcome. It's one of the primary reasons I'm sharing the story here, with the other reason being to find readers who enjoy my writing in the hopes that they may purchase some of my writing. That said, I'm hesitant to majorly change the 'content' of what I've already uploaded for fear of people reading a later part and wondering why there are inconsistencies. So, I'd likely take the feedback on board for future parts, unless the feedback pertains to technical errors. I'm very much willing to listen to reader feedback for future parts, though I do have a story I want to tell.

Also, I've rated the story as PG-13. I'm unsure as to whether it should be rated as PG-13 or R, so I included PG-13/R in the title for that reason. Apologies if you think it's more suitable for an R rating. I realise it does deal with some heavy themes. If enough people mention I should change the rating, then I have absolutely no issue doing that.

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linzy61 linzy61 Feb 08, 2014
Yay.Can't wait to read more!I'm really enjoying it.keep us updated.:)
glwwlg glwwlg Jan 11, 2014
Very good read so far.  I be watching to see where this goes.
Francine_Samuel Francine_Samuel Jan 07, 2014
I think it is very good David. Full of tension. I want to read more. Please let me know when you post more. Thank you , I have enjoyed that. 
                              p.s. but  I do not like the cover much...
BrookWrites BrookWrites Dec 31, 2013
You can be an author, a published one. I really LOVE the way how you write the story.