Another World (One Direction: Niall Horan)

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Payton Adams. 
    Her first name seemed nothing more than the ordinary.. But her last? It had a title! A legendary story that no one could ever know about!
    Daughter of no other than THE John Adams himself, she lived a life full of simplicity. A ordinary 17 year old teenage girl living the life she should be: school work, cliques, and even boys!
    But what if she had another name? Another name only her chat-mate “Blondie” new about... What if she had another life? Another life that involved not just her father’s eyes, but his explicit talent.
    Niall Horan.
    1/5th of the most hottest boy band out there! With a face like his, he couldn’t walk down a street without a fan in sight. He was popular, anything but normal to exact.
    So who could have thought, that an ordinary teenage-girl and not-so-normal celebrity, both shared a friendship that started before they even met? 
    Is this reality, or maybe just Another World?
And he's Niall Horan my favorite member of 1D. I love my Leprechaun! Lol! But I'll finish now. He is also a hunk. Love that boy!
They should really stop naming their kids John with their last names Adam
@fabLouis awkward as in, being stuck with someone who was a fan. I don't mind gay people, they're fine, im not trying to insult them
John Adams was a president,  but there is also a composer named John Luther Adams c
What's so great about John Adams? Anyone know who John Andre is?
I was just wondering if twinkle twinkle and Mary had a little lamb counts?