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Darkness has a name: Peter Pan

Darkness has a name: Peter Pan

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Fanfic2150 By fanfic2150 Completed

This story is not for the faint hearted. It’s a story about belief, desire, manipulation, and terror. Prepare yourself, for darkness has a name.

JellyBeanOfNarnia JellyBeanOfNarnia Jun 15, 2015
oh my gosh I felt like I was literally in the story in a word FLAWLESS ,And j keep it up!
rachel_rue rachel_rue Jun 08, 2015
The title reminds me of "The night is dark and full of terrors." (It's from Game of Thrones for those who don't watch it haha)
aim_alittle_higher aim_alittle_higher Jun 03, 2015
Is it just a British thing to introduce yourself with your last name first
aim_alittle_higher aim_alittle_higher Jun 03, 2015
You don't believe in ghosts but you do believe in a sassy teenage boy in tights
TurningToBookEnds TurningToBookEnds May 21, 2015
I'm dying already. If only that were true. Not in the original dark version though
Robbie-Kay_1209 Robbie-Kay_1209 May 20, 2015
Yes. He really is breathtaking. And he really is trying to kîll you. Lol. It's Pan though. Of course he's breathtaking. Especially with those sexy eyebrows.