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L By CutieBlueAngel Completed

Eira Riley has a secret to hide, even though she doesn't want to. She loves, even admires her powers of ice and snow. 
When dark forces enter her world, she is forced to stand up against them, but she was never alone. 
What will she face? And what are the consequences of it? 


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alleinad101 alleinad101 Apr 23, 2017
Yes! I love this book! The whole series actually, even though it still wasn't edited then. It was actually one of the first books I've read in Wattpad.
MegaDiancie0207 MegaDiancie0207 Nov 15, 2017
Now that I think of it, it does sound like being on an airplane! 😂
Endless_Dreamer_XD Endless_Dreamer_XD Jun 15, 2017
Don't usually read authors notes but thanks for the giggle 😂😂😂
Jackson61004 Jackson61004 Jan 11, 2017
Haha! I love that! You wouldn't mind if I put up rules for my readers too? I wouldn't copy them, per se, but it would be something like that..... seriously, all authors on websites like this need to start a phase 😂
Chaiterlyn Chaiterlyn Apr 16, 2016
The first thing I thought of when reading the summary was frozen
MidnightSkyfall MidnightSkyfall Oct 19, 2016
Hey hey, where you say who the book belongs too, you forgot to put "is not permitted" it says "is permitted" currently.