I'm His Pet ManxMan COMPLETED

I'm His Pet ManxMan COMPLETED

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Celia❤️ By Cecilia_Chavez Completed

I cannot feel. I should be emotionless. He is changing me. He is making me feel. He is dominating me. My body reacts to this man. It's... frightening. The things he has introduced me to... it is both pleasurable and painful. And now, I live only for him. I need to protect him even though I am his pet. Tsk, what horrid words. I am not his. Even if my body has surrendered, my cold heart won't. Not to this man, not to Dante.

MalexMale relationship

Cover made by @theotherday !!!! I love her graphics they're beyond amazing! Go check her out cx

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HelenDark1 HelenDark1 Dec 02, 2017
I nearly choked on my chicken nugget because I was trying not to laugh
elmalian elmalian Dec 13, 2017
You know what, once i read it, somehow i picture he said it with amazement and a couple of head nodding, like (wow, amazing)
kiramcdonaldhello kiramcdonaldhello Dec 29, 2017
Whoever wrote this chapter ripped AMANDA artist off because I've already seen and read this in one of my manga books
                               but the other chapters are your own which is cool don't give me wrong but least give credit to the guy who wrote this ones
elmalian elmalian Dec 13, 2017
The perfect moment when adele says hello (im listening to hello by adele rn), then i read it. Nice coincidences
He got moobs though. He needs a bra before those things get saggy.
DeliciousApplePies DeliciousApplePies Aug 21, 2017
He's a manly man!!! 
                              *Elfman from Fairy Tail pops out from nowhere* MAN!!!